Hale Eddy’s “Three More Dinners” Drops in June

July 5th, 2013
Members of Hale Eddy in Woodstock; from left, Ethan, Kevin, Alex and Greg

Members of Hale Eddy in Woodstock; from left, Ethan, Kevin, Alex and Greg

Recently I spoke to Alex Cherney, lead singer and manager of Hale Eddy, about their time in Woodstock. This past winter he and the band recorded their debut album, Three More Dinners, at “School House,” the former site of Mary D’s Montessori School, on Ohayo Mountain Road. The band is from Setauket, Long Island, and has been playing together since the eighth grade. It is comprised of Alex on acoustic guitar, clarinet and sax; Greg Casino on bass; Ethan Geller on lead guitar and Kevin Choumane on drums. Musical influences include The Band, Neil Young, Pearl Jam and the Flaming Lips. Alex composes with Ethan and works on lyrics with Greg—although Alex is quick to say that members of the band add their special parts when the group comes together to record.

Cherney says that the group is named after the upstate New York town. He told me that one day some years back he and his father were on a road trip through New York State, and they were playing a game to come up with the coolest rock group names by riffing off road signs.

Hale Eddy has gigged around Long Island and played lots of benefits, but now with the launch of the album they are looking to expand their horizons. The band’s sound is an aural treat and is reminiscent of the Canadian group, Patrick Watson. A video of the group playing “Carcinogen,” the lead-off song on Three More Dinners, can be found here. For more info on Hale Eddy’s album and/or bookings see www.haleeddy.com.